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Our Services

senior night

Our weekly “Senior Night” focuses on the needs of the high school seniors in the area, helping them navigate college applications, FAFSA, and scholarships.

life skills

Life skills sessions focus on character development and leadership skills that are useful when navigating life after high school.

mentor sessions

Mentoring sessions are provided for all subjects. The mentors are volunteers from Berry College who are a part of the Bonner Scholarship community.

mental wellness

Mental Wellness Groups spend time focusing on topics like depression and anxiety and other issues teens might face.


  • Mentorship

  • Anger Management

  • Positive Self-Talk/ Affirmations

  • Positive Mindset

  • Empowerment

  • Mental Health Awareness

  • Goal Setting

  • Independence

  • Everything Self

    • That addresses

      • Self-​Awareness

      • Self-​Esteem

      • Self-​Expression

      • Self-​Care

      • Self-​Love

      • Self-​Worth

      • Self-​Image


  • Emotion Regulations

  • Formation of Healthy Coping Strategies

    • That addresses:​

      • Bullying

      • Anxiety

      • Depression

      • Grief/Loss

      • Change

  • Skills Building​​

    • That addresses:​

      • Team Skills​

      • Social Skills

      • Life Skills

      • Decision Making Skills

      • Communication Skills

  • Literacy Program

    • ​Book Club ​
Services: Services
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